Quality Policy
General Inspection Technical Office consider the following as general and fundamental principles in determining its own strategy and objectives , in view of the ability to compete in the global market, more than ever , and on a long-term basis continuous basis :
  • Providing attention to the needs of all stakeholders in the group and to reconciling their interest while ensuring that they receive prompt responses and a high degree of quality and efficiency.
  •  Approach to ethical behavior in business.
  • Continuous innovation in the provision of services, operations, and scientific systems that show accurate results at work.
  • Anticipating customer needs.
  • Excellence in services offered.
  • Protection of the environment throughout the provided service process cycle.
  • Protection of staff safety, health, and well-being.
  • Strategic cooperation with customers.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality, cost, and efficiency of services.

The key tools to support the implementation of this policy are as follows:
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures of the company.
  • Implement standards, analyze stakeholders' expectations, design and deliver new services and processes, and utilization of researches.
  • Defining and managing preventive and corrective measures through a management and monitoring system for assessing and evaluating impacts the effects of product’s poor quality as well as estimating the effects of the efficiency of the company at the internal and external levels.
  • Execution and maintenance of advanced management systems aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Adoption of procedures to evaluate and monitor the performance of suppliers starting with the stage of their selection and in the subsequent stages, in terms of competitive advantage and qualitative performance, and the possibility of joint strategic development, and economic, social and environmental sustainability of suppliers and their relationship with the company.
  • Staff’s development, rehabilitation, and performance improvement.
  • Strategic planning of goals.
  • Continuous improvement activities.
  • Organizational structure that focuses on ensuring availability and adequacy of the necessary human resources required to achieve the planned goal, and protecting the environment and occupational safety.

Role of managers/ Members assigned to the company are asked to:
  • Refer this policy in the local language to all employees.
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the full implementation of this policy
  • Identify goals and strategies that are consistent with general and fundamental principles and tools outlined in this policy.
  • Verify that the results achieved are consistent with the objectives.
  • Involve employees and give them a measure of responsibility in implementing the activities of this policy.
  • Point to the existing faults, promote and implement adequate corrective, preventive and improvement measure, and verify their effective implementation both at the technical and organizational levels.