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About us
About us
 G.I.T.O is formed of a group of jurists and counselors specialized in the field of registration and protection of a trademark. Our great expertise goes back to more than twenty years.
We have the ability to coordinate strategies and offer services in the entire North African continent.
We are proud of our distinguished group that is fully aware of the region’s requirements and its laws and is always ready to perform all actions and proceedings in accordance with a set of measures organized by the administrative staff, and as a result promotes greater protection for trademarks.
We have a solid infrastructure consisting of a set of processes and an experienced staff in the administrative dealings which maintains a high level of service to all our customers.
Our team of qualified lawyers is well prepared to offer all types of consultations in the situations that face our clients, the trade owners.
We have offered ideas that made us proud and proved our ability to develop regional strategies regarding the trademark and its protection.
We offer our clients a range of free services in order to protect their mark in the countries where it is registered and to follow it up and maintain it.
We have worked on improving the quality of our services and enhanced the transparency between us and the clients in addition to maintain client confidentiality and individual privacy. We adhered to all the rules, laws and regulations applicable in the countries that we cover.
We showed full integrity and acted with responsibility in all the tasks entrusted to us.
Our work is institutional and our staff is distinguished that draws and plans for a better and continuous future.

G.I.T.O mission emanates from fundamental factors:
Accuracy Quality Speed Distinction Trust
Based on it, we have set a number of goals that put us with our clients in the foreground next to the active companies in this field, among our goals we mention:
- Distinction and visibility
- Integrity and acting with responsibility
- Client confidentiality and privacy
- Abiding by the rules, laws and regulations
- Working on a permanent basis to improve our core competencies
- Pushing ourselves constantly for the best
- Distinction in enthusiasm, integrity, entrepreneurship and the spirit of innovation

We look forward to a wonderful future crowned with services and procedures that satisfy our clients.
We look forward to a virtual world that gathers us with our clients, rounds ideas, reduces distances and gives us impressive results.
We look forward to be the best on the trademarks map.
We will continually strive towards achieving these aspirations in accordance with the set plans and studies and statistics established by us.

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