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Primary Production
 To ensure the safety of food throughout the food chain, we start with production process. Quality, safety, and effectiveness are key factors in the food industry. Our company has experts who follow up the long and precise food manufacturing process. Random samples are taken during and after the completion of manufacturing to ensure that the health and quality standards are met.

In addition to direct laboratory tests, we provide the following:
  • Visual inspection of raw materials.
  • Checking the certificates and accompanying documents and making sure that they meet the required specifications.
  • Testing and inspection for any type of pollution (soil, air, waste, pests, etc.)
  • Ensure the cleanliness of installations and equipment.
  • Ensure the protection of the product from infectious diseases and outbreaks.
  • Monitoring the use of insecticides.
  • Supervising packing operations
  • Visual detection of packaging and the extent to which they meet the explanatory data.
  • Check the weights and sizes.
  • Detection of transportation, containers, and other packing boxes in terms of cleanliness and its appropriateness of the terms adopted.
  • Photographic evaluation.