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lower phenol limits in toys
05 May 2017

EU Commission adopts lower phenol limits in toys
5 May 2017
The European Commission has adopted a new migration limit for phenol in toys, for children under three, of 5mg/l and a content limit for its use as a preservative of 10mg/kg.
Phenol is used as a monomer for phenolic resins in the manufacture of plywood for toys, while the degradation of phenolic antioxidants in polymers can be another source of the substance in the products.
It has been identified in:
• emissions from game consoles;
• tents or tunnels for children; and
• packaging film.
The substance, which has also been found in bath and other inflatable toys, is sometimes found in PVC.
It can be used as a preservative in:
• water-based liquid toys, such as bubble-blowing products; or
• water-based liquid inks for products such as felt-tipped marker pens.
The directive will come into force on 4 November 2018.

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