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EU amendment to test methods
03 May 2017
 EU Commission publishes amendment to test methods
1 May 2017 / Europe

The European Commission has published in the Official Journal an amendment to the tests to be used to determine the physico-chemical properties, toxicity and ecotoxicity of substances.

The update of the Annex to Regulation (EC) No 440/2008 comes in the wake of new and updated tests adopted recently by the OECD. These take into account technical progress, and also ensure a reduction in the number of animals used for experimental purposes.

This adaptation to technical progress contains 20 test methods to be used under REACH:

• One new method for the determination of a physico-chemical property;
• Five new and one updated test methods for the assessment of ecotoxicity;
• Two updated test methods to assess the environmental fate and behaviour; and
• Four new and seven updated test methods for the determination of effects on human health.

It also deletes six methods for which the corresponding OECD guidelines have been cancelled.

The Commission passed the amending Regulation on 14 February. It will come into force 20 days from publication.