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Food additives
01 April 2017
 Food additives, also known as 'E numbers', are in nearly all foods and drinks, and it helps to know something about them.
Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance… Food additives can be divided into several groups
The Enumber that you see on food labels is a number assigned to food additives .
The numbers refer to:
 Colors : E100 to E199
 Preservatives: E200 to E299
 anti-oxidants : E300 to E399
 Thickeners, Stabilisers and Emulsifiers : E400 to E499
 Acidity Regulators and Anti Caking Agents : E500 to E599
 Flavour Enhancers : E600 to E699
 Sweeteners, foaming agents and gases: E700 TO 999
 Additional Chemicals - E1000 to E1999
What to avoid if you’re concerned about your health:
• E102 – tartrazine used in all manner of foodstuffs
• E122 – carmoisine
• E129 – allura red used in in sweets, drinks and medications
• E104 – quinoline yellow used in all manner of foodstuffs and 
to color medicines
These colours have suspected links to hyperactivity in children
 E155 brown HT (chocolate) used in chocolate cake mixes
 E153* black colourant used in jams, jelly crystals and liquorice
 E142 Green S – canned peas, mint jelly and sauce, packet bread crumbs and cake mixes
 E133 Brilliant blue FCF – dairy products, sweets and drinks
 E132* Indigotine, Indigo carmine – ice cream, sweets, baked goods, confectionery, biscuits
 E127 Erythrosine red colourant – glace cherries, canned fruit, custard mix, sweets, snack foods
 E107 Yellow 7G – used in soft drinks
 E123 Amaranth – in cake mixes, fruit flavoured fillings, jelly crystals
 E151 Brilliant Black BN, Black PN – brown sauces, blackcurrant cake mixes.
 E621 – known as MSG can cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, palpitations and even pain.
 E951 –a sweetening ingredient found in desserts, low-fat foods, low sugar drinks, snacks and sweets. 
 E211 – used as a preservative and is found in products such as margarine, salad dressing, soy sauce, sweets and soft drinks. 
 E133 – brilliant blue FCFsynthetic blue colouring dye, which adds a blue colour to some products.It causes allergy symptoms.
 E213 –It’s often found in low sugar products
Many of these artificial food preservatives, food colors and flavor enhancer are dangerous chemicals added to our food and are known to be linked to Hyperactivity, Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), Asthma, Cancer, Poisonings and other negative medical conditions.
G.I.TO IS is concerned about health issues and food safety standards and requirements that are set out at the national level.
G.I.TO always seeks to follow the recommendations of world health organizations regarding food safety measures. It focuses on the more technological aspects of food safety and the application of food safety management systems.
To implement food safety systems that are designed to ensure food is safe to consume, and to protect consumers from toxic substances and from fraud;THAT IS WHAT G.I.T.O ALWAYS LOOKS FOR..